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The Course is currently Open

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  • Dress Code

    Dress Code 

    Members, guests and visitors are required to maintain a respectable and appropriate standard of dress at all times both on the Course and in the Clubhouse. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that this code of conduct is adhered to and that guests are aware of the requirements. Any member approaching either a fellow member or visitor on dress code issues should be polite and informative and not aggressive in anyway.

    Any person offending the dress code will be informed accordingly and asked if they will familiarise themselves with the code and kindly conform to it on their next visit.

    The Course

    Normal golfing clothes that are clean and tidy are acceptable. As a general guide, all clothes sold in golf professional shops are suitable and appropriate for wearing on the course. Golf shirts must be ‘tucked’ in at the waist line at all times. Golf shoes with either metal or soft spikes must be worn at all times.

    Shorts are permitted and must be fabric (not nylon or denim) and can have ‘patch’ pockets. White socks or sports “comfort” insert socks must be worn with shorts.

    The dress code is relaxed for juniors under the age of 12.

    The following items are not permitted:
    Denim clothing, vests, track or shell suits, t-shirts, football shirts or athletic shorts / trousers with an elasticated or draw string waist, ¾ length trousers.


    Caddies must adhere to the dress code for the golf course but do not have to wear golf shoes.


    It is preferred that spectators are dressed in golf attire; however there is no official dress code.

    The Clubhouse (Lounge, Bar, Restaurant)

    Casual clothing that is clean and tidy is permitted at all times.

    Leather sandals can be worn without socks.

    The following items are not permitted:

    Work wear, vests, ‘ripped’ jeans, track or shell suits, football shirts or athletic shorts with an elasticated or draw string waist, plastic beach type “flip-flops”, golf shoes and hats of any kind.

    Formal & Special Events

    At any event designated as FORMAL (e.g. presentation of prizes after a Major event and social events so designated) gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie.

    At any event designated as SPECIAL (e.g. national televised sporting events) the dress code may be relaxed to allow patriotic attire.